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At ITACI, all donations are welcome. However, due to some restrictions and care with the children's food, it is not possible to distribute food made by hand, under medical guidance. So, before making your donation, be it toys, clothes and books, consult us. Some items are sent to our bazaar, the proceeds of which go to ITACI's social activities (parties for patients, Mother's Day, Children's Day, or small purchases).

Every year, ITACI holds a charity night, in which several companies participate, donating gifts to be raffled. But you don't have to wait for this event to make a donation! Participate in our actions, visit our hospital and keep in touch with our team, to know, periodically, which item is most needed. Who knows, maybe you can gather your friends and improve the lives of our children, with simple donations, but very significant for them? Talk to us and learn how to help.

Since its inauguration in 2002, ITACI has been developing a work of excellence in the care of children and adolescents with cancer, hematological and / or rare diseases, in a universe where all efforts are more than necessary, they are urgent. Thus, every day a new demand arises, whether in the expansion of the service capacity, or in the inauguration of a new type of treatment, a new surgical center or diagnostic equipment.

In this area, new options emerge daily and the institute carefully monitors all developments. To meet this demand, ITACI has the valuable support of an army of employees. Individuals, companies, groups that together made each space, each achievement possible. Whether it's a new playroom, room modernization, buying equipment for treatments and surgeries or to ensure more comfort for patients and their companions, every corner of ITACI has someone's valuable collaboration.

All donations are essential to ITACI.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The hospital is maintained by Fundação Criança in partnership with the State Government. Thus, he is able to receive donations and they are the ones that enable constant innovations and the level of excellence that enshrined ITACI. Currently, the hospital has specialized in rare diseases or in cases of high complexity that are rarely seen by other hospitals, which requires even more investments in research, equipment, staff (including for home care, in certain cases).

So, join us in this very important cause and collaborate!

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