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In view of the global context of the new coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and the determinations of the municipal and state governments, ITACI has been restricted since March 16 and we ask you to use the phones (11) 2661-8962 / 63 / 68 to clarify your doubts about treatments and consultations.

We also inform you that the Child Foundation will be closed from March 24th only by e-mail:

We hope it will be a brief period and that we will soon be together again.

Operating from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 7 pm, Teleconsulta is an exclusive service for patients who are followed up at ICr / ITACI (already enrolled) and will answer questions about Flu and Coronavirus Syndromes.

To access the service, in addition to registration, you must have a Gmail account, computer or smartphone with camera and microphone and an Internet connection or mobile data (3G / 4G or Wi-Fi).
You also need to install the Hangouts App, create a new conversation and send a message to .

Important : clarifications on patient follow-up, such as changing prescriptions and rescheduling appointments, will not be answered during this Teleconsultation.

Below, the step by step for Teleconsultation.

Any questions, please contact the ITACI team

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