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"Early diagnosis is one of the pillars of cancer treatment. We should not be afraid to make the diagnosis. We must think about the possibility when it is justified, make the referral as soon as possible and use all modern technology, our involvement and our passion to make these children achieve the best result. ”

Dr. Vicente Odone Filho, clinical director of the ITACI Institute.

75% are the chances of beating childhood cancer,

if the disease is discovered early and treated in

specialized and good quality centers.

What is childhood cancer?

It is a group of several diseases that have in common the uncontrolled proliferation of abnormal cells that can occur anywhere in the body. The most common tumors in childhood and adolescence are leukemias (which affect white blood cells) and those of the central nervous system and lymphomas (lymphatic system). But neuroblastoma (a tumor of cells in the peripheral nervous system, often located in the abdomen), Wilms' tumor (type of kidney tumor), retinoblastoma (affects the retina, fundus), the germinal tumor (of cells that will give rise to the ovaries or testicles), osteosarcoma (bone tumor) and sarcomas (soft tissue tumors).

Noticing some of these symptoms,

search urgently
an expert.

• pallor;

• bone pain;

• bruises;

• lumps;

• bumps;

• unexplained weight loss;

• head or limb pain;

• eye changes;

• fever and night sweats.

Embrace the cause of childhood cancer. Participate!

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