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Bone marrow is a liquid-gelatinous tissue that is found within bone cavities and contains progenitor cells, which give rise to the hematopoietic (blood) and immune system.

The donation is safe and does not cause hematological or immune system problems in the long term, as the percentage removed, about 15% of the existing material, is recomposed in just 15 days. The pain is tolerable, the traditional procedure in the operating room uses anesthesia and the donor needs simple analgesics for a maximum of three to four days after the marrow collection.

The registration of a voluntary bone marrow donor can be carried out at blood centers.

Anyone between 18 and 55 years of age who is in good general health can register. To become a volunteer, you need to draw a small amount of blood (5 ml) and fill out a form with personal information. The blood will be typed by a histocompatibility laboratory test (HLA), where the genetic characteristics that can influence the transplant are identified.

Donors are part of a national bank and the more people registered, the more likely that patients who need a bone marrow transplant will find a compatible donor, which often represents the only hope for a cure.

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For more information on bone marrow donation, registration to become a donor and necessary procedures visit:

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