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Be a good influencer in the campaign for the early diagnosis of childhood cancer.

Your sharing is worth benefits on the GOODERS platform.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Supporting a cause is already gratifying in nature. Imagine when your good deed and your donation become, in addition to transforming impact for society, benefits for you, with discounts on products and exclusive experiences that can be exchanged in a rewards program.

To encourage even more hugs, ITACI has partnered with the GOODERS Rewards Program. It's easy: at, click on ACCESS, which is in the top menu; then find the ITACI initiative, which has a “SHARE THE ACTION” button.

There: the link will be copied for you to share the campaign on your social networks, helping in the ITACI Hug Day campaign for the early diagnosis of childhood cancer. To make a financial donation and earn even more coins, go to “donate to an NGO”, in the upper right corner of this same page.

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