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At ITACI we work with a very special audience: children and teenagers. Whether due to illness or treatment, the immunity of our patients is compromised and that is why all care is essential.

Contact with an external public - however healthy the visitors may be - always represents a risk of infection and infections in children with low immunity can become serious.

Thinking about it and with the priority always on the well-being and health of the children assisted by ITACI, visits to the hospital are restricted. To visit our social areas or participate in our bazaars and lectures, stay tuned to the events agenda. On those occasions, your presence will always be welcome. However, the outpatient, day hospital and hospitalization areas are spaces with restricted circulation to the team and family, following protocols defined for each case.

Although many people come to us with the intention of visiting patients, offering emotional help or knowing how to treat children, this type of contact is not allowed to the external public. In addition to low immunity, we need to respect our patients' emotional issues and the right to privacy.

We count on your understanding and open our virtual home, the ITACI website, to answer your questions and suggest other forms of support, certain that much can be done to contribute to the well-being of our children.

We are a family owned and operated business.

For more information call: (11) 3897-3811.


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