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Fortunately, there are many people who help Itaci to maintain excellence in the care of thousands of children and adolescents in this delicate moment of life.

Without everyone's contribution and mobilization, it would be very difficult to keep this work so beautiful and rewarding.

To all of you who help us and who we can affectionately call friends, thank you very much!

Your donation is a hug that improves the world!

We are a family owned and operated business.

Below are information about the groups of volunteers working at the institution and selection processes:

The Hospital das Clínicas Volunteer Association is better known as the "ladies of pink", but it does not prevent young men and young people from participating. AVOHC volunteers host and recreational activities both with patients, especially from places such as the outpatient clinic and collection of exams with drawing tables, as well as with the escorts of inpatients to provide clothes and hygiene products for those who do not. are able to buy.

To be a volunteer, just send an email to the coordinator of the group Maria Luisa Frigeira to schedule a chat.
Phone: (11) 2661-8342

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Youth Committee:
The Youth Committee is made up of teenagers and young adults and works mainly with ludification with patients.

For more information send an email to or on the Fanpage:

Live and Let Live Association:
"Viva" is an OSCIP - Civil Society Organization of Public Interest, which trains and trains volunteers to become storytellers in hospitals for children and adolescents in eight markets in the country. The main resources of Associação Viva e Let Viver today are the reading of children's works, the games, creativity and good humor of its volunteers. Through cultural activities that stimulate the development of the skills of these children, the Association contributes to the humanization of services aimed at them, integrating in their daily lives the sensitive conditions of communication and interaction with the external reality. registration open for the start of the course in March.

Information on the website: or telephone 3081-6343.

Family Advice:
The Family Council deals directly with the companions and carries out work in workshops such as embroidery, sustainability and the library that lends books for both companions and employees.

For more information, send an e-mail to


o Criete is a volunteer group The Criete Project is developed by a group of volunteers with a greater role in the ICr Onco-hematology Service. It aims to develop creative recreational activities, art and crafts.

For more information send an email to

Dog Therapist:

The Therapist Dog is an Animal Assisted Therapy project carried out by Instituto Cão Terapeuta. Not only are dog volunteers, but also human volunteers who also participate to accompany visits and bring the patient closer to the dog.

You can learn more at

The bag of arts of the girl Alessandra:

The art bag is the most recent group and was born from Alessandra's desire to be able to bring the arts to children with Cancer. Its main activity is to develop children's creativity through "art bags" that are delivered to each one with a story or idea about the arts.

To be a volunteer, just send an email to Maria Ignez Sato group coordinator to schedule a chat,



The Religious Assistance Committee are volunteers, not just Fathers or Pastors, who work with the religious approach for companions, patients and collaborators who want spiritual comfort.

To be a volunteer, just send an email to the coordinator of the Eugênio Bernardes group to schedule a chat,


English & Care: Bring your fluency and commitment and donate some of your time! Help our patients to learn and socialize, teach English to children and teenagers undergoing treatment.
Collaborate for their encouragement and motivation, practicing their English and being part of a "chain of good".

To find out more, contact Guilherme Pita, coordinator of the initiative:

We are a family owned and operated business.


If you know how to sing or play a musical instrument and would like to develop volunteer work, bringing music and joy to patients and companions at Instituto da Criança, sign up to participate in the DoaSom Project!

Registration and more information with the Project Coordinator Anna Dulce by email

Clarear Project:

Pedagogues who want to share their knowledge with the children and adolescents of our hospital can be part of the Clarear project. The initiative aims to bring complementary educational assistance to patients hospitalized at the institution.

To find out more, contact Marília Basile, coordinator of the initiative, by e-mail


Teach artisanal activities to companions and patients from our hospital. Share your talent here in our hospital!

For more information, contact

Therapeutic Touch:

Volunteers with experience in performing breathing exercises and Reiki visit patients' rooms to perform these practices, especially with family members who accompany them. The initiative aims to enable the release of physical and emotional tensions and to improve the feeling of well-being while in the institution.

For more information, contact the Project Coordinator, Maria Eugenia Risueño Anjos, by e-mail

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

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